Shell Structures


Shell structures are made or assembled to make one piece. Tin cans, bottles and other food containers are often good examples of shell structures, but larger things such as car and aeroplane bodies are examples of more complicated shell structures.

Shell Structures


Most shell structures are made from thin sheet material (which makes them light) and most have ridges or curves moulded into them (to make them strong).

Natural Shell Structures


Many of Nature's structures have been copied by humans. The shell of a snail and the body of a modern car are both shell structures designed to protect their occupants.


Most shell structures achieve their strength and rigidity from the way they are shaped. Shell structures very rarely have large flat surfaces they tend to be designed and made with ribs to act as stiffeners.

Ribbed Structure


Egg and light bulbs containers are good examples. Both eggs and light bulbs can withstand considerable static forces if they are applied carefully.

Dynamic Force


What they are not good at is resisting dynamic forces. This is why their containers are designed to absorb impact.